Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My 2nd Tri-fold Shutter card

Here's my 2nd tri-fold shutter card, and this one went a bit quicker than my first.  Well, it would have if I didn't do the base 3 times!  Do NOT use anything with a white core for your base, as the white will show through when you make the folds.  Also do NOT use paper with a heavy texture for your base, as it will crack and look ugly!  Lessons learned!  I used the beautiful Mariposa papers on this and didn't need to add a whole lot else.  I only added some brads to the middle and made a lacy valentine for the front.  Here, I'll show you.
And, AND, I used the scraps to make a valentine for my little granddaughter.  One of my Peeps asked if my scrap box was empty, seeing as I'm digging into all this pretty new paper.  And the answer is, um, well, not really quite--ok, you dragged it out of me-I have a ton left...  I love it you all keep me on track.  But I did make a couple quick cards with my scraps so I'm still plugging away...

Actually, I made this birthday card for my granddaughter today and it was all out of scraps.  That was on accident but it's all still good, right?

Someone sent me this cute Sarah Kay image and I've never colored one before.  I've seen better for sure, but I had to get this in the mail today and really threw this card together in record time, and will a 9 year old really notice if the coloring isn't perfect? And anyhow, it does look cute with the Blossoms & Butterflies papers so I think it wasn't a bad card for a quickie.

So tomorrow I'm going to be posting some lay outs I've been doing.  I have a daughter who's husband plays Pro hockey overseas, and when they come home next month, we'll be doing a big birthday/Christmas party.  I'm making her 3, yes three, scrapbooks for her daughter, her son, and the family.  So I have to make 60 pages in 30 days.  And let me tell you I am NOT a  fast crafter!  But I've pulled it off for the past 3 days (only 54 LOs left), so root me on, keep me in line, and push me through it when my fingers are too tired to pull that ATG trigger one more time!  Thanks, I knew I could count on you.  And as always, thanks for taking a peek!


  1. that is so pretty, i love the vintage kind of feel with the paper and the pearls on the heat look so pretty xx

  2. Oh I love your coloring... I am so sure she is going to love it. And I love the tri fold card, thanks for the tips.

  3. Wow, this is so pretty! I love the vintage look of those mariposa papers! Your granddaughter will love her card too! And 60 pages in 30 days is SO impressive! Can't wait to see them! WAY TO GO!!! I'm rooting for you!


  4. Ooooh so pretty! I've been out of town and not able to visit as I'd like. Sure glad I haven't missed any of your fabulous creations! Big Hugz :)

  5. sooo beautiful!!! I HAVE to try one of these!!! Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Awesome cards. I just had a minute to catch up on your blog. Where's the scrapbook layouts? Can't wait to see them..

    Robin (sister)

  7. hi, i just love all your cards, and i am a follower of your's also, can you please tell me what to punch on childs year to make the piano card i forgot which one, i thought i wrote it down but i see i didn't. thanks for sharing your lovely cards,

  8. Gosh these are gorgeous!! Sorry, I have been missing your blog!!

  9. Ramona, Beautiful work on your blog....I am giving you the Sunshine award and posted your blog link on mine, so people can view your work!!!