Monday, June 15, 2009

Card with Angelina fibers--fun!

I blew off an entire afternoon playing with this stuff! I bought 5 colors of Angelina fibers (do a Google search-lots of places sell it) at the stamp show and finally got brave enough to try it out. It really was easy. Ink a stamp, lay various fiber colors on the stamp, cover with a piece of parchment paper, and iron for a few seconds. The fibers fuse together and your stamped impression shows through! That's the most use my iron has gotten in a year, seriously! I kept trying it with different stamps --wasn't fond of the results with large background stamps. But always cute with smaller ones. You can also make a fiber sheet by piling this stuff on parchment paper, covering it with more paper, and ironing over it. It fuses into a sheet that you can do all kinds of stuff with. I was able to use it with punches, but you have to be careful as it is thin and can get stuck. It also embossed beautifully in the cuttlebug! It's so shimmery and cool and is great for dragonflies, butterflies, and flowers. Comes in a ton of colors, which I now MUST get more of! Well, anyway, about this card (forgot why I was here)! The background is a dark turquoise which I used the same dragonfly stamp on with my Versa watermark pad. It gives a faint impression of dragonflies flitting about. That's mounted on a pale yellow pearlized cardstock for contrast. For the stamped sentiment, I used one of those cheap-why did I buy this thing-multi-colored inkpads that I thought I'd never use but still couldn't toss away. (Come on, I know ya all have em!). I thought it worked great with all the shiny colors of the Angelina fibers. The colors of the fibers seem to pop more against dark cardstock. This is the most fun ironing has ever been. For once I can't wait to get out the ironing board again! Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. WOW - these fibers are breathtaking! I absolutely LOVE the effect! And the dragonfly just pops off of the beautiful dark background. Great card!

  2. You are just having all the fun. This is gorgeous. And, I love the sentiment.

  3. Love love this.

  4. I will treasure this card forever girl just as I have with each card you have sent! I am so lucky to have been the recipient of this, I can never thank you enough for your support and encouragement!!!

    Hugs and love,

  5. everything you create looks flawless and i do have to agree about pulling out the iron once and awhile

    helen from paperscissors